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  • Where some see a piece of furniture,

    we see a piece of story.




    A friend to lean on when you need support

    and a source of inspiration when you want to dream.






    Inspired by the smooth and natural angles of bamboo,this collection features simple, sensuous lines and shining bright colors.For generations, Chinese culture has brought into the home the gentle wavy lines of bamboo to please the eye of both the rich and the modest. This collection blends and fuses the best elements of both East and West, classic western modernity meets ancient eastern curves. Although inspired by bamboo for its stylistic elements, not one piece of bamboo is used in its construction.Only solid wood rendered in nature’s primal shapes.




    When the evening is spread out against the sky...


    Influenced by Art Deco’s eclecticism, Rhombus inspires imagination and evokes longing after modern lifestyle, embodying in its sharp geometrical shapes luxury, glamour, exuberance and spirituality.



    Gold has always been the symbol of wealth and prosperity, the most sought after possession of kings and queens. Touched with a golden line at the margins, this collection was created to re ect the royalty of gold. In combination, gold and black invites the presence of other rich colors and texture to create deep impressions of elegance, boldness, and serenity. Special ornamental carvings, covered with gold leaf and golden painted details lines add a proud nish to this impressive collection. Each piece casts a subtle, warm glow creating a romantic and peaceful ambience.


  • Sustainable European Beech Wood


    The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Approved

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